Color Shooter is an arcade-based top-down shooter game, based on the original space invaders, that involves defending a ship from red, blue, and green enemies by shooting them with colored bullets. Each enemy can only be defeated by a certain color bullet, indicated by the color of the enemy. The player can switch colors of the bullet with the down arrow key. The enemies will move left and right and will increase in speed as the game progresses. If the enemies reach the ship, the player looses. Currently, the red enemies can be killed by any colored bullet, and we only have one wave of enemies. Once the enemies reach the end, they will only disappear and the player will have to restart the game ('r' key).

Made withUnity


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Thank you for submitting the game! Overall I think you did an excellent job of keeping the game small, yet playable. I can see that you addressed many design issues, for example, the number of colors, the speed of the enemies, the size of the enemies, the speed of the player, and making enemies block bullets of the wrong color; all of these interesting design decisions have been packed neatly into a playable game.

However, there are some areas that can be improved. The background is plain white, which doesn't really mix with the pixel art of the objects in the game. The enemies had very nice dithering, but aesthetically it does not mix with the background and the player sprite. The most glaring problem is the lack of an ending. A simple textbox saying "You Lose", would have sufficed. Its a shame this game ends so anticlimactically.

That aside, the game has a simple and interesting foundation that seems to have been executed very well. I look forward to seeing what you can make with less restrictions and more experience.